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Weight Wise

Module One - Getting Started: Planning for Success

  • Learn about obesity (what is it, what can cause it, what are some treatment choices).
  • Learn ways to record what you eat, how active you are and how you are feeling emotionally. 
  • Learn about goal setting and how to deal with barriers. 

Module Two - A Tool Kit for Success

  • Learn how to apply the change process for making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes 
  • Strategies such as decision making, goal setting, problem solving and trapping negative thoughts will be discussed 


Module Three - Moving Matters – Including Physical Activity in Your Day

  • Explore the benefits and barriers to being more active.
  • Receive tips on how to get more physically active.
  • Setting personal activity goals.

Module Four - Finding Balance: The Role of Calories in Weight Management

  • Learn about the top five ways to lower calories and practice strategies in class.


Module Five - Nutrition: The Truth about What Works in Weight Management

  • Evaluate what clients are eating and learn strategies that can help lower your calories.
  • Explore how meal patterns, food choices and portion size affect calorie intake.
  • Learn about which foods can help clients manage their weight.


Module Six - Nutrition: I Know I Should Eat Healthy, But How?

  • Leave with tips on how to put nutrition knowledge into practice. 
  • Explore the 4 P's: Plan, Purchase, Prepare and Pack. 


Module Seven - Nutrition: Eating Away From Home and During Special Occasions

  • Learn how buffets, parties, vacation and holiday eating can affect calorie intake.
  • Leave with strategies to minimize extra calories when eating away from home and during special occasions. 

Modules Eight and Nine – Minding Stress: Effectively Reduce and Manage the Stress in Your Life (Two Consecutive Sessions)

  • Discover the hidden costs of stress; explore what causes you stress and what clients can do about it
  • Opportunity to learn about and experience effective stress-management techniques.
  • Uncover the world of Mindful Eating with strategies to diminish food cravings and stress reactions.